What is the use of Adhesive Plastic Opp Bag?


Adhesive plastic OPP bag, also known as self-seal bag, is a popular packaging material in the market. It is made from polypropylene film, with pressure-sensitive adhesive strips on the flaps. The bag is easy to use and can be sealed and reopened many times, making it a reliable packaging solution for various products. But, what makes adhesive plastic OPP bag particularly useful?

Below are some of the multiple applications of adhesive plastic OPP bags:


Adhesive plastic OPP bag is perfect for packaging food items such as snacks, candies, and pastries. Its air-tight seal helps preserve the freshness of the food while preventing contamination from external elements. Moreover, the transparency of the bag allows customers to see the product inside, making it an attractive and convenient packaging option.


Manufacturers can use adhesive plastic OPP bags to package various products like electronics, cosmetics, and stationery items. The adhesive strips on the flap ensure that the product remains secure inside the bag during transportation. The bags are waterproof, dust-proof, and protect the product from scratches and other damages. Additionally, manufacturers can print their branding and product information on the bag, making it an excellent advertising tool.


Adhesive plastic OPP bags are also suitable for storing and protecting documents. Its flap seal provides an easy and secure storage option for papers, photos, and other important documents. The bags protect the documents from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that can damage them. Moreover, the adhesive closure helps keep the documents organized and prevents them from being misplaced.


Adhesive plastic OPP bags are useful for organizing household items such as small tools, screws, and beads. The bags come in various sizes, making them suitable for storing items of different dimensions and quantities. The adhesive closure makes it easy to open and close the bag when needed. Additionally, organizing items in adhesive plastic OPP bags helps keep them in one place, reducing clutter and increasing space.

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